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The Critical Care department at Asian Dwarkadas Jalan is an integrated department of high end technology and specialties to treat critically ill patients with ultimate care and support system. This unit is one of the most specialized areas in the hospital as it deals with acute conditions of the patients, some of which are life threatening cases that need constant monitoring and life saving support through medication, technology and equipment and highly skilled nursing staff. Asian Dwarkadas Jalan Critical Care Unit remains under the supervision of highly experienced doctors, proficient in critical care treatment and medication.

Our critical care unit is segregated into ICU and IMCU to treat patients based on their level of criticality. The patients who are treated in critical unit are mainly suffering from respiratory problem, cardiac ailments and surgery, neurosurgery multiple organ dysfunctions, stroke cases, organ transplant cases and neonates and pediatric cases. The infrastructure and ambience of the entire department is completely different that other areas of the hospital to provide an overall soothing effect to the patients that ensure fast recovery.

Internal Medicine is a specialized branch of medicine that deals with a wide assortment of sub specialties encompassing entire human body. This is the only discipline in the field of medicine that prevents, diagnoses and treats common problems like cold and flu to chronic diseases and the most challenging and critical ailments like contagious diseases, kidney disorders , cardiac problems, respiratory diseases, digestive and liver ailments and many more. Internal medicine is mainly for diagnosing and treating adult patients.

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