The alternative way to alleviate pain during or after a surgical or diagnostic procedure is known as anaesthesia. It is a state of short-term loss of sensation to minimize the feel of pain during a surgery or procedure. Anesthesia is a process of injecting a sedative in to the body to make a patient feel relaxed and painless while a major or minor surgical procedure is done. Depending on the type of medical process or surgery, the dosage of sedation is decided and hence the role of anaesthesiologists is highly imperative during any medical procedure for safe anesthesia, especially in the operation theatres but their responsibilities do not end there. There are mainly three types of anaesthesia:

  • Local anaesthesia- The patient remains completely aware but only a small targeted area of the body is made insensitive through anesthesia.
  • Regional anaesthesia- Numbs a larger part of the body to make the patient sleep or semi-conscious.
  • General anaesthesia- A complete unconscious state for total pain management where the anesthesia affects the entire body along with the brain to perform a major surgery.

Our anaesthesiologists at Asian Dwarkadas Jalan are highly experienced and skilled for pain management, assessment of the patient before a surgery to evaluate the anesthesia process for any surgery and post operative care to take him out of the effects of sedation. This department works closely with other departments to assist them in all medical and surgical procedures while ensuring excellent patient care and fast recovery. The hospital is equipped with high end anesthesia stations.

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