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Dedicated to create a legacy of excellence in orthopaedic treatment in Jharkhand, Asian Dwarkadas Jalan has one of the leading orthopaedic centres in Dhanbad. Designed and developed with best infrastructure and advanced equipment, this department of orthopedics deals with all types of musculoskeletal disorders along with arthritis, osteoporosis, pediatric orthopedic, sports injuries and other accidental injuries. Our team of highly experienced orthopedic surgeons treats patients of all age groups from new born babies to elderly ones.

Orthopaedic problems are one of most common issues among most people and hence most disorders of bones and joints are treated outside the operating room through medication and additional support of fitness exercises and physiotherapy. Generally this department is specialized in orthopedic surgery but many treatments are non-surgical. Asian Dwarkadas Jalan team of orthopedists have special expertise in treating all medical conditions of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves and cartilages. Joint replacement is one of our core orthopaedic specialties. With the help of advanced technology, our orthopaedic surgeons perform knee replacements precisely through small incisions to ensure exact syncing with natural knee anatomy and ensures fast recovery.

Within this short span, this department has got a remarkable achievement in knee replacement. A 3-hour surgery for kneereplacement where both the knees have been replaced in same sitting and the patient was able to walk on her own, the next day.

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