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Medicine Consultation  
Gynae Consultation** ****  **
Cardiac Consultation     
Eye Check  (Fundus)    
Dental Check      
Diet Counselling   
Cardiopulmonary Lab Test
Echo Cardiography (ECHO)   Choice of Echo/ TMT
Tread Mill Test (TMT)   Choice of Echo/ TMT
Pulmonary Function (PET)     
X-Ray (Chest PA View)
X-Ray Cervical Spine (Lateral)       
Ultrasound- upper/lower abd. Screening**      
Ultrasound whole abdomen      
BMD Spine (Dexascan)    
Lab Investigation  
CBS with ESR
Blood Sugar (Fastrig & PP) 
Blood group & Rh typing  
Blood Urea 
Serum Creatinine 
Serum Electrolytes   
Serum Bilirubin      
SGOT & SGPT      
Liver function test (LFT)    
Lipid Profile 
Uric Acid 
Serum Calcium     
Urine Routine
Stool Routine    
Stool for occult blood    
Anti – HCV     
PAP Smear*     
CA 125** ****  **
Cancer Marker CEA      
Peripheral Smear      
Urine for micro albumin urea      
Ft3, Ft4      
RA Factor      
Ankle Brachial – Pressure Index      

*For Men *For Women ***One special consultation as per requirement (For Asian Executive Package and Asian Premium Package only).

Important Information

Following are some instructions to be followed before coming for the check-up:

  • Kindly take an appointment before coming for check-up. For an appointment, please contact our Preventive Health check-up desk at Phone No: +91 707 003 8888, +91 032 623 13 651 (9.00am to 5.30pm).
  • Kindly bring all your medical records or reports related to your previous ailments.
  • You should be fasting overnight before the check-up. No morning tea/lime water to be taken 2-3 glasses of plain water may be taken.
  • Stool samples (if applicable) should be brought in sterile containers. Containers can be collected from the health check-up department one day before the examination.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes/foot wear.
  • Pregnant ladies and ladies suspecting pregnancy are advised not to get an X-ray done.
  • Do not wear lenses on the day of check-up but carry your lenses/glasses along with you.
  • If you are diabetic kindly, inform the coordinators.
  • Cardiac package patients should not take any medicine for at least 12 hours.
  • It will take at least 3-4 hours for the check-ups to complete.

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